The Magical Autumn Feast: Flavors, Tradition, and Innovation at Balcón del Zócalo

Autumn is a season where nature is tinged with warm tones and offers a generous harvest of deep and comforting flavors. At Balcón del Zócalo, we welcome this season by transforming its gifts into a gastronomic experience we share with all our guests.

We present our Autumn 2023 tasting menu, in which we immerse in a mystical journey through flavors, textures and aromas, allowing each dish to tell a story, revealing the mysteries and wonders of this season of change and renewal.

Inspired by the subtle yet powerful changes around us, each menu element has been carefully selected and conceived to resonate with the universe’s vibrations.

The moon, with its silent yet potent influence, plays a crucial role, guiding us in harvesting ingredients and each dish’s design. This menu speaks of the flow of libido, sleepless nights filled with reflection, and the rituals and respect surrounding the cycle of life and death.

Products & Ingredients
The ingredients and products chosen for this season reflect the richness and diversity of the autumnal changes.

You will experience the freshness of avocados, the exoticism of pistachio, and the delicate richness of foie gras foam.

Matured tuna and homemade Mexican kimchi speak of transformation, while hints of nixtamalized tupinambo and mole de cempasúchil connect us to our Mexican roots and traditions.

Meats like beef tongue are combined with unique elements, such as a salty praline and mushroom crisp, offering a bold and creative exploration of textures and flavors.

Sustainability & Respect for Ingredients
We remain firmly committed to sustainability and respect for every product the earth offers. We focus on taking advantage of every part of the ingredients, minimizing waste, and promoting conscious and responsible cooking. Preservation and fermentation techniques allow us to maximize and respect seasonal abundance, ensuring each element shines at its best.

Our pairing for this tasting menu seeks to complement and enhance each dish, choosing wines and beverages that respect and celebrate each flavor.

We present an exciting selection of Mexican and European wines that gently accompany each time, allowing the autumn flavors to stand out and offering a balanced and harmonious journey through the most outstanding vineyards and terroirs.

Autumn 2023 Cocktails, Desserts & Baked Goods
In addition to our tasting menu, this autumn, we are also introducing a new cocktail bar with gin, tequila, whiskey, brandy and mezcal, combined with such unusual ingredients as truffle milk, quince jam and black sapote.

On the sweet side, we have the reinvention of traditional desserts such as millefeuille, fritters and cheesecake, but with our characteristic twist of preparation, flavor and innovation.

And finally, our renowned bakery also presents new creations this season with a mamey and pixtle cream éclair, a rompope and rice pudding anpan and a cinnamon fritter.

We invite you to visit Balcón del Zócalo and taste our delicacies for this season. We encourage you to order our tasting menu, where every bite is a tribute to the tradition, innovation and generosity of the autumn season.

Our tasting menu is a living entity, evolving each season, resulting from a tireless process of our R&D area. It is a call to adventure, to explore and to be part of a culinary experience that celebrates and respects the richness of our surroundings and traditions.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Balcón del Zócalo Team

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