A festival where cuisines tell the same story

Traveling to other countries could be challenging sometimes, especially when you’re so far from home. However, when two countries share the same passion for cooking, you inevitably feel at home. That’s what I experienced when I visited France.

A few months ago, Balcon del Zocalo was invited to participate in the “¡Qué Gusto!” festival, where Mexico City was the guest of honor of the 2019 edition. I knew it would be a great opportunity for me to cook in Paris, together with great representatives of the French cuisine, which is plenty of tradition and flavors.

We started with the visit to Mexico of one of the most avant-garde French chefs, Eric Guerin, who had the chance to know some of the most traditional dishes of our cuisine at Balcon del Zocalo, where he tried the classic flavors of our menu, including Grilled Octopus with Pineapple, Avocado and Broiled Onion, as well as some other typical flavors from different regions of our country, like Habanero Pepper and Lamb with Mole Mazahua.

Of course, he didn’t missed the chance to know one of the pillars of our gastronomy – corn and the thorough process to prepare the corn tortillas we enjoy every day, and which are essential in every Mexican home.

Certainly, we could share with him not only the fiesta and colors of Mexico, but also its rich traditions and gastronomy, and happy people who share the seasoning of a cuisine full of stories.

Then, we had the chance to visit Paris and get a firsthand experience in the city where gastronomy was born. When arriving to the Hotel 1K Paris, a boutique hotel with an exclusive style, the Chef Juan Carlos Récamier received us with his best dishes: Beef Tartar and Pig’s Ears, two dishes everyone who visits this restaurant should try.

After enjoying the best dishes of the Parisian cuisine during the night, we visited the Institut Culturel du Mexique the next morning, a place where our traditions take shape. With Mexico City being the guest of honor this year in the ¡Qué Gusto! Festival, we had to enjoy everything that makes us to feel proud of being Mexicans.

Later that day, we had dinner at the Restarurante A.T., where sweet tastes with fruity tones predominated, from a unique Dessert Tasting Menu. We enjoyed an evening that made us felt at home, surrounded by the hospitality you can feel when you meet great friends.

The festival is over, but I bring with me this unique experience thanks to this city that is full of culinary tradition and talented chefs. It has been an honor for me, and I only have to say ¡Qué Gusto!

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