Tea Time at Balcon del Zocalo

At Balcon del Zocalo, we turn every moment into a new experience. This season, the Chef’s Table offers you a European tradition mixed with our cuisine, so everything is ready for you to enjoy a Tea Afternoon.

Your visit starts with a brief explanation of the different tea flavors served in small glass cups, combining fruity and herbal flavors. First, White Tea with mild guava taste which accentuates the fruity flavor. Next, Green Tea with guanabana, a bit stronger than the previous tea, it features a fresh touch that fuses with the characteristic taste of this fruit. Finally, the strongest, Black Tea with Ginger and a small strip of orange skin to highlight the citric scents.

After the Tea Tasting, it is time for us to welcome you to our kitchen, where our team will make you feel at home. There, you’ll have some Guanabana Sorbet on a Fried Sage Leaf, so fresh for a warm spring afternoon.

Back on your table, you will enjoy the first pairing of the afternoon: Vintage White Wine from the Santo Tomas winery, a Mexican Chardonnay produced in the Valley of Baja California, which offers a sweet taste with intense scent and fruity flavor that combine with the second course: Fruta Borracha.

The above is followed by a dessert carefully prepared –Ginger and Citrus Fruits, which has become one of the preferred desserts in the Seasonal Menu. Its neutral but very well defined flavors allow the characteristic taste of Black Lemon to subtly fuse with the texture of Yuzu, which also gives this dish a spring color.

The next pairing is Late Harvest White Wine by Monte Xanic, which offers fruity scents but very well balanced, together with a new dessert that incorporates in our Tasting Menu –Yoghurt Royal with Red Wine and Raspberry Slush. This dessert, in addition to offer seasonal flavors, has an innovative visual proposal that mixes colors and textures to provoke unexpected emotions.

Our traditional Amalia Chocolate Cake is served with bitter ice-cream. Made with pure cocoa, this cake highlights the flavor of the spices used to prepare it. You will be able to taste some of the ingredients: Coarse Pepper, Clove, Cardamom, Tonka Bean, Anise, Cinnamon and Vanilla, which stresses the flavor of chocolate ground in a stone metate grinder, a tradition in the Mexican cuisine.

To finish this tasting, you’ll find in three Petit Fours one of the most representative ingredients of our cuisine: Corn accompanied by bold flavors like Axiote and Ocosingo Cheese, and sweet ingredients like Pinole, all of them representative ingredients of our culture.

Remember this season we’ll have for you a Tea Afternoon with a spectacular view of the Historic Center of Mexico City from our terrace.

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