Balcón del Zócalo offers a menu that reinterprets tradition.

We combine the actual culinary techniques preserving the traditional ingredients of Mexican cuisine, creating dishes that inspire emotions.

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230 ml

Select Blend Coffee

290 ml

Water or Milk Oaxacan “Home Made” Chocolate

250 ml




Orange, Grapefruit and Green | 350 ml

Juice Bar



Green Apple, Carrot, Dill, Orange, Celery and Maca | Strawberry, Cranberry, Orange, Goji Berry and Ginger |Papaya, Lavender, Lime Juice, Orange and Lucuma | Pineapple, Orange, Chia and Kale |Green Cantaloupe, Honey, Almonds Milk and Matcha |Blackberry, Honey, Vanilla, Almonds Milk and Acai |750 ml



Mixed Fruit Slices

Yogurt and Fresh Cheese 200 grs

Wild Berries Yogurt

Granola and Organic Honey 150 grs

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Pineapple Ocosingo cheese Tamale (Mexican fruit jelly) ATE

100 grs

Gourmet Bakery


1 Piece

Almond Croissant or Almond Chocolate bakery

Orange and Chocolate Glazed Brioche

1 Piece


Fried Eggs, Corn Pancake and Cactus Marmalade


Ham & Bacon or Strawberry & Banana 2 pieces

“Zócalo” Egg Whites Omelet


Squash blossom, Poblano Pepper sauce and Oaxaca Cheese Filling 3 pieces

Oaxaca cheese filling and Cherry Tomatoes Salad 3 pieces

Queso Oaxaca y Ensalada de Tomates Cherry

Fried Eggs “Martita”

Fried Tortilla with Tasajo, Cream and Cheese.

“Huitlacoche” Omelet with “Oaxaca Cheese” Ant Eggs and Epazote 1 piece


Tlayuda Tortilla and Milpa Vegetables

“Chilaquiles (fried tortilla chips)” with Green, Red or “Home Made Mole” Sauce


Shredded Chicken or Skirt Steak 150gr, Cream and Cheese

“Enchiladas (tender tortilla)” Green, Red or Home Made Mole” Sauce


Shredded Chicken or Skirt Steak 150gr, Cream and Cheese 3 pieces

“Swiss Enchiladas” with Green Sauce, Melted Cheese

Shredded Chicken or Skirt Steak 150gr 3 pieces

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Balcón del Zócalo Eggs, Mexican Spiced Sauce 2 pieces


Fried or Scrambled Eggs with Beans, Parmesan Cheese

Croque Madame with Chipotle and Cilantro Sauce

Canadian Ham Sandwich with Cheese and Fried Egg 1 piece

Club sandwich with Chicken, Ham, “Oaxaca Cheese”

Bacon, Avocado, Portobello Mushroom, Tomato, Lettuce and French Fries 1 piece

“Chilaquil Zócalo” Puffed fried tortilla with Poblano Pepper Sauce,

Chicken or Skirt Steak 150grs

Spiced Mexican Sausage, with Tomato Sauce and Morita Chili Pork Chicharron

180 grs

Cochinita Pibil Panuchos “Southern Pork Stew Style” pickled red onion and Habanero Sauce

3 pieces

Homemade “Oaxaca Cheese” Chopped Filet Steak and flat crispy corn Tlayuda

Fresh Sauce and Green salad 120 grs

Beef Steak, Fresh Guacamole, Enmolada, Panela Cheese and Fried Beans 200grs

Rabbit Mixiote With beans and Cactus salad


Agua natural “casa del agua” 355 ml
Agua gasificada “alameda” 375 ml
Agua natural “casa del agua” 600 ml
Agua gasificada “perrier” 330 ml
Agua gasificada “bui” 946 ml
Agua tonica “fever tree” 220 ml
Agua tonica “17/24” 200 ml
Agua tonica velvet soda 255 ml
Clamato natural preparado 385 ml
Jugo de tomate preparado 385 ml
Jugo (piña, manzana, arandano)385 ml
Naranjada / limonada preparada 385 ml
Refrescos en lata 355 ml
Sangrìa natural 385 ml
Servicio clericot 700 ml (no incluye vino)
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