Winter Menu

Our proposal never forgets its roots

And in this dialogue, the custom and the vanguard of ideas that culminate at your table

Passion defines us and provokes a constant search to create, transmit and share spoonfuls of related contrasts in a game of collective creativity.

We hope you enjoy it.




Winter Menu
Avocado and Cricket Quesadilla

Sikilpak Tart and Dried Cactus Machaca

Beef Spinal Cord, and Truffled Potato Cream

Stripped Bass and Fig Velouté Sauce

Tangerine Tamal with Sea Urchin and No.5 Yellow Mole

Duck Confit Gyoza and Croquette with Plum-Pasilla Pepper Sauce and Foie Gras Cream

Stripped Bass Foie Gras, Sourdough Toast, Ponzu and Sweetened Peanut Powder

Milk Toast

Chocolate Amalia

AmaliaDark Chocolate Mousse, Crispy Feuilletine, Cacao Flower Ice Cream

Cheesecake de Queso Menonita – Balsamic Fig Mermelade, Fresh Figs, Fig Ice Cream and Kefir

Flan de Haba Tonka – Pixtle Mousse, Strawberry Ice Cream

Torrija de Tres Leches – Sweet Squash, Mexican Marigold Foam

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