Platillo de Invierno en el Restaurante Balcón del Zócalo

Autumn Menu

Our proposal never forgets its roots

And in this dialogue, the custom and the vanguard of ideas that culminate at your table

Passion defines us and provokes a constant search to create, transmit and share spoonfuls of related contrasts in a game of collective creativity.

We hope you enjoy it.

“Because of the sun”



Autumn Menu
Avocado and Pistacchio Wafer

Foie Gras Foam, Hazelnut Pop Rocks and Melipona Bee Honey Air

Red Pipian, Biodinamic Veggies and Poblano Pepper Dust

Dry Aged Tuna, Homemade Mexican Kimchi and Toro

Nixtamalized Tupinambur, Marigold Mole and Preserved Apricot Paper

Catch of the Day with Homemade Sweetlime Kosho and Chicken Stock

Beef Tongue, Salty Praliné, Wild Mushroom Cracker and Mole de Olla Sauce

Frozen Cherry Kombucha

Pavlova de Zapote

Wild Mushroom Brownie, Corn Mushroom Ice Cream

Autumn Desserts 2023
AmaliaWild Mushroom Brownie, Corn Mushroom Ice cream and Honey Ganache 

Tres Leches de Fresa y Cereza – “3 leches Cake”, Cherry Whipped Cream, Strawberry Textures, Fresh Cherry and Strawberries

Mil Hojas Helado – Dried Nuts Semifredo, Chocolate Millefeuille and Vanilla Cream

Torre de Buñuelos –  Hand Made Fritters, Corn Ice Cream and Guava Syrup

Pavlova de Zapotes – Turned Around Cake, Honey Tile, Camomile Icecream, Dried pears with Mead

Cheesecake de Queso Menonita – Mango Nicuatole, Fresh Mango Carpaccio, Aloe Vera Gel and Mango Lassi Icecream

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